Commercial Department

The commercial department specializes in commercial and economic law, corporate law, cooperative law, banking law, contract law and tenders law in particular.

The commercial department accompanies its clients from the early stages of conducting negotiations for the purpose of establishing ventures, companies, partnerships and cooperatives, preparation of legal documents for the establishment of enterprises, including founding agreements, regulations, establishment of a company, partnership or cooperative company.

The Department’s ongoing accompaniment to its clients includes, among other things, inter-organizational consulting, including:

  • Participation in board meetings
  • Participation in general meetings
  • Providing legal opinion and assistance in correspondences
  • The current representation of the customer is both in public and government authorities:
  • Registrar of Companies and Partnerships
  • Registrar of Cooperative companies
  • Government ministries, including the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of the Interior
  • The committee responsible for the Settlement Law
  • Handling of registration and preparation of  mortgage registrar, commercial / business entities such as banks and / or leasing companies and representation of various customers in creditor arrangements of significant scope vis-a-vis the banking system.

As part of the ongoing support of business companies, the department is engaged in drafting commercial and business contracts:

  • Contracting agreements
  • Agreements for the provision of services
  • Distribution agreements
  • Leasing agreements
  • Loan agreements and guarantees deeds
  • Bonds, liens, etc.
  • The department provides legal support in the process of sale and purchase of businesses, including share transfer agreements, sale and purchase agreements for existing businesses.

The department also deals with the following subjects:

  • Accompanied by projects and entities dealing with Clean Tech technologies
  • Renewable energy, solar energy and the environment
  • Handling of insolvency proceedings (liquidation, receivership, bankruptcy, freezing of proceedings, creditors’ arrangements, etc.), rapid and efficient realization of assets and liens.

The department is regularly accompanied by:

  • Financial organizations
  • Shopping organizations
  • Accompanies nonbank credit membership
  • Partnerships and cooperative societies.

The department represents commercial clients both in arbitration and in the courts, where some of the lawyers in the department also serve as arbitrators on behalf of the Registrar of Cooperative companies.

The members of the department have the ability to control and conduct negotiations in the commercial field at a high level.

The department’s clients include private clients, companies, leasing companies, solar energy companies, shopping organizations, kibbutzim and other cooperative associations, non-profit organizations, all of which are listed above.