Execution Department and banks

The firm represents clients in negligence claims against banks, as well as defending bank claims against clients, including guarantors.

The Department of Execution and Banks at our firm also handles the representation of the winners and the collection of debts arising from judgments, checks and bills. The handling of the representation of the winners includes the opening of a procedure in the Execution Office and taking any action required to collect the debt in accordance with the Execution Law and Amendment No. 29 of the Law.

The department deals with the representation of debtors against legitimate claims, including the filing of objections to the execution of a bill.

In addition, we handle a wide range of legal proceedings, including the following:

  • debt arrangements
  • Conducting negotiations on behalf of customers with creditors and formulating arrangements for repayment of debts.
  • Financial claims
  • Requests for Temporary Relief
  • Hearings in the Execution Office and bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings