Litigation Department

The firm’s litigation department deals with all types of litigation issues – civil-commercial law, including corporate law, contract law, torts law, cooperative societies law, in certain cases criminal law and family disputes.

The department accompanies local and international clients in legal proceedings involving complex legal issues.

The representative attorneys appear regularly in courts and tribunals, in all courts, including the Supreme Court.

The department deals with a wide range of legal proceedings:

  • Financial claims
  • Contractual Claims
  • Tort claims
  • Claims for declaratory and enforcement remedies
  • Requests for temporary remedies – foreclosures
  • Injunctions
  • Exit delay orders
  • Discussions at the Execution Office
  • Mediation and mediation proceedings
  • Arbitration proceedings
  • The department provides legal representation at all stages of the legal dispute and in every field of law.

The department’s clients include private clients, companies, kibbutzim and other cooperative associations,

 All of these – from the fields detailed above.