Physical Injury Department

As one of the most prominent law firms in the north of Israel who has been dealing with tort and insurance law for years, Balter, Guth, Aloni & Co. specializes in handling a wide range of claims for body injuries in the following areas:

  • car accidents
  • Work accidents
  • Medical malpractice due to inadequate medical treatment or treatment in the absence of consent
  • Accidents in public areas
  • Accidents in educational institutions
  • Accidents and injuries due to use of a defective product
  •  Claims on insurance issues arising from insurance policies.

The treatment takes place from the initiation of negotiations with the insurance companies to the filing of a claim and representation in the courts.

In addition, our firm specializes in filing claims with the National Insurance Institute in the following areas:

  • Work accidents
  • Occupational diseases
  • General disability
  • Mobility
  • Victims of terror and hostile acts
  • Polio victims and ringworm of the hair victims

In handling such claims, the department assists in filling forms with the National Insurance Institute, filing appeals against the decisions of medical committees, representation before medical committees, filing claims with the Labor Court and legal representation.

The office also represents soldiers and members of the security forces in suits against the IDF and the Ministry of Defense for injuries caused during or as a result of the service.

Our office escorts the injured person from filling out the forms to the Ministry of Defense, consulting with a medical expert, appealing the decisions of the Compensation Officer to the Supreme Committee, and appealing to the District Court.