Planning and construction department

Our firm has experience in planning and construction, in which it provides ongoing legal accompaniment to developers of city building, plans and construction projects of various types:

  • Requests for building permits
  • Excessive uses
  • provision of guidance and advice on these matters in the agricultural sector to kibbutzim, moshavim and members of the cooperative companies.

The handling of this field includes representation of our offices with the various planning authorities:

  • Local planning and building committees
  • District Appeals Committees
  • District Planning and Building Committees
  • A national council of both the applicants and the initiators of the plans and of their opponents
  • Submission of objections to the various planning committees
  • Handling of an administrative petition in the Administrative Affairs Court in all matters relating to the planning and building issues and the decisions of the various planning committees.

As part of our work in this department, our office is in direct and ongoing contact with the planning committees, the engineers of the various committees and councils.

In addition to dealing with civil matters in planning and building matters, our firm also represents representation in criminal cases in planning and building matters.