Property Damage Department

The Torts Department at the Balter, Guth, Aloni & Co. offices in Tiberias has been handling a wide range of property damage claims for many years.

“Property damage” is actually a generic term that puts under its dome various kinds of financial claims.

Among other things, our firm handles cases involving damages caused by:

  • digging works
  • Quarrying and drilling, such as causing damage to neighboring land
  • The denial of support for adjacent land or the undermining of the foundations of adjacent buildings, damage to them or damage to underground installations due to excavation or drilling work carried out nearby.

Usually, the claims in these cases involve large sums for the reason that the damage caused to the building or the land is usually high, even if there is a need, for example, to build a supporting wall to prevent the danger created there, and therefore it is important to know the various aspects Representing and familiarizing the expert professionals (engineers, land consultants, appraisers) who should be assisted in order to improve the chances of success in the case.

We also deal with cases with professional malpractice, both negligence in carrying out real estate transactions and negligence in representation in a legal proceeding which are usually more complex than the first.

According to statistics, in recent years the number of claims filed against lawyers on the grounds of negligence has increased significantly, and the courts are no longer deterred from receiving claims and requiring lawyers to pay compensation in appropriate cases.

Other professional malpractice cases involving damage to property refer to the responsibility of engineers, land consultants, surveyors, agronomists, mechanics, supervisors and more.

In addition, we deal with agriculture damage cases (damage caused to orchards, vineyards and other crops, such as fires, or from spraying, or natural damage, for example damage caused to agricultural produce stored in refrigeration rooms). Agriculture damages relate to damage caused to plant and animal crops (flocks of sheep, poultry, fish, etc.). In these cases, it is very important to consult with an attorney immediately, in order to receive appropriate guidance in order to prepare evidence for future claims, such as taking samples for laboratory tests, etc. This will make it difficult to manage the case if such tests are not carried out in real time.

Building defects claims also constitute a significant share of the number of property damage files handled by our office, as well as claims of property damage caused to vehicles following road accidents.

Our firm represents property damages cases both plaintiffs and defendants, both individuals and commercial entities, including some of the leading insurance companies in Israel.

Our firm has extensive experience in property damage cases, which together with a list of reputable experts to whom the firm’s clients are referred for the purpose of obtaining an opinion and making use of it in the ongoing legal process, provide our clients with appropriate and professional treatment and representation.